Normal Pool Level

A journey through the Yangtze River and the remains of the cities flooded by the Three Gorges Dam Project.

Prescription Is Insurance

a one life-time wall clock that guarantees access to drugs for both real and imaginary pains and pleasures.


El Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrim route in Spain, is transformed into a 700km production line.

Born Again

Exploring the relationship between people, heritage, and public space in Barcelona.

The Eiffel Factory

Exploring an alternative manufacturing method inside one of the most visited monuments in the world.


One of the most unbelievable recent histories of what could and should be paradise.

My Own Factory

A conceptual project that questions the boundaries between playing and working.

Park, Set & Match

Transforming London's supermarket parkings into public tennis tournaments.


Introducing new functions and aesthetics to bring dead stock back into circulation.


An fragile indoor garden of nature, ice and lights that slowly melt away.

The Republic of Columbusplein

A pioneering concept that transformed a troubled neighbourhood of Amsterdam into a real micronation.


An object whose apparent freedom has been carefully programmed


Exploring the role of the designer in creating a framework for an open-ended production process.

Buona Fortuna

A tragic, sublime, almost surreal documentation of abandoned heritage in the south of Italy. Glorious decay, faded grandeur, forgotten culture.

Dear Hunter

The deconstruction of a deer hunting trophy changes the rules of the game.



A story with no more figures than light and colours; an abstract war without victor nor vanquished.

Mission: U-TOPIA

An exhibition about the lunar dreams of Akitoshi Fujiyama, a Japanese engineer whose life would change dramatically after stumbling upon a lunar meteorite.

Street Food Lighting

Promoting our streets as places for social learning and exchange through art.

Design Museum Dharavi

Design Museum Dharavi is the first museum ever created inside an informal settlement, showcasing local talent through a nomadic exhibition space.

Peak of Eternal Light

Using universal languages such as science, art and architecture, Peak of Eternal Light encourages us to look at the future of space exploration with a more human, peaceful and embracing perspective.