Peak of Eternal Light

Instead of seeing it as just a potential site for groundbreaking scientific discovery, sci-fi tourism or the lucrative exploitation of extraterrestrial natural resources, Rubio chose to look at the Moon as a universal and mythical idea. The Moon, unlike Earth, has no boundaries, no divisions, no nations. Do we have a right to change that? And so he decided the best way to symbolize this dilemma was to build a temple on the Moon. A temple to celebrate the Moon as a powerful symbol of unity for mankind.

While Rubio keeps working on his ‘Peak of Eternal Light’ art project, the Moon Temple and the Shackleton crater will be available to the public in the next coming weeks through an interactive VR experience and digital app. This free app will allow anybody to virtually travel to the south pole of the Moon and explore every metre of the Shackleton crater in all its magnitude. For now you can see a short movie here!

Fantastical Investments by Droog and Metahaven at Droog Amsterdam.

Prescription is Insurance is a life-time wall clock that guarantees the user access to medication and drugs for both real and imaginary pains and pleasures. It’s part of Fantastical Investments, the outcome of Droog Lab’s study of consumption habits in Russia.

Fantastical Investments is an imaginary luxury brand created by Droog with Metahaven. It was presented on September 2011 with a panel discussion and exhibition at Droog Amsterdam. Unveiling a collection of nine products, the brand acts as a vehicle for discussion on the co-existence of fiction and survival in a new vision on luxury. 

Jorge Mañes, part of the Droog Design Team, designed and produced the piece Prescription is Insurance, 100% handmade at Droog Amsterdam.

For more information about the project and the exhibition please visit Fantastical Investments at

September 22nd - October 2nd

Tues - Sat 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sun 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Droog Amsterdam

Ultreia, the Nomad Factory, at ‘.thisplace’ Venice, Italy.

Ultreia, the Nomad Factory, will be exhibited in the streets of Venice next week, as part of the collective art exhibition ‘.thisplace’ organised by the A+A Centro Pubblico per l’Arte Contemporanea di Venezia, and curated by Marta Carboni. 

Campo Santa Margherita. May 27th - June 16th 2011.

Opening May 27th, 18h.

RSVP here

More info: .thisplace

Jorge Mañes Rubio at Torun Film Festival, Torun, Poland.

Seethisway will be projecting ‘Ultreia’ and ‘Shanghai Express’ at Torun Film Festival in Torun, Poland.

Torun Film Festival.

10-12 December 2010.

Jorge Mañes Rubio at the 5th International Streaming Film Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Seethisway will be projecting ‘Shanghai Express’ at the 5th International Streaming Festival in The Hague, The Netherlands.

5th International Streaming Film Festival.

01-05 December 2010.

Ultreia at Latin America’s Second Design Biennial, Madrid, Spain.

Ultreia will be exhibited at Latin America’s Second Design Biennial in Madrid, Spain.

Thursday 25 November. 20:00h.

Instituto HUNE.

Montalbán 9 - 28014 Madrid.

Latin America’s Second Design Biennial

Useless at ArtMadrid, Spain.

What happens when this piece’s disappearance becomes something much more valuable than its own presence? Can the absence become the primary function of a product?

Jorge Mañes Rubio will be presenting Useless together with Absolute Art Space at ArtMadrid 2011

ArtMadrid 2011.

Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo de Madrid.

Avenida Portugal s/n 28011 Madrid.

15-20 February 2011.

For opening times and more information about the event please visit ArtMadrid 

‘Park, Set & Match’ First Prize in the street art contest Play in the City.

‘Park, Set & Match’ received the First Prize in the international street art contest Play in the City, organised by El Duende and Infinity.

Check out our interview here.

Check the 10 finalists and their amazing proposals here.

‘We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing’


Ultreia, the Nomad Factory, at RCA Intent Milan Design Week 2011.

Ultreia the Nomad Factory, at Milan Design Week 2011.

Monday 11th April, 3pm - 8pm; Press View 1

Wednesday 13th April, 2pm - 5pm; Press View 2

Wednesday 13th April, 6pm - 11pm: Private View

Tuesday 12th - Sunday 17th April, 10am - 8pm: Show open to Public

RCA Intent, an exhibition by the Royal College of Art London.

Via Privata Massimiano 6. 20134 Milano, Italia. (Ventura-Lambrate Area)


Born Again at SalaB The Emerging Art Jam, Barcelona, Spain.

Jorge Mañes Rubio will be presenting his last project ‘Born Again’ at SalaB - The Emerging Art Jam in Barcelona, Spain.

You can follow the project and its progress in our Blog

Opening: Thursday 13th January 19:00h.

From 13th January till 31st January 2011.

SalaB ‘The Emerging Art Jam’

Carrer Comercial, 3

08003 Barcelona · SPAIN

+34 932 955 799

+34 932 683 695

‘A Possible World’ out now in ‘Arc 15, The Impossible’ The Journal of the Royal College of Art.

Based on the world created by Jorge Mañes Rubio

Written by Jorge and Andrea Garcia Santana

'A Possible World' is published through Arc, the Journal of the Royal College of Art, London. The issue 'Arc 15 The Impossible' broaches the idea of impossibility as a design challenge, featuring written pieces by Paola Antonelli and Tord Boontje amongst others.

‘A Possible World’ is a bed time story that takes place in a not so distant future, set in an unknown city. The project is inspired by the characteristic fictional narratives from Jorge’s work. Weaving a possible world from his impossible ideas, the story seeks to question the reality surrounding our daily lives. In this particular case, the distinction between what is real and what is not real is left deliberately ambiguous. The story challenges the future role of design, and poses the question of if these fantastic worlds could actually change the one we live in.

To find out where to buy it or how to order it online please click HERE

An online version of ‘A Possible World’ specifically created for, designed by Gianluca Tesauro and illustrated by P. I. de Ossorno Gómez can be downloaded HERE

UP by droog, a new design movement

On Thursday, November 3rd 2011 Droog launched the new design movement UP during an event that brought together industry and design, and revealed the line of UP products.

In most supply chains, stock has maximum value when it is first introduced to the market. From that moment, it tends to rapidly drop in value, finally reaching a point at which companies tend to either dispose or recycle it at a cost - both financial and environmental.

UP introduces an alternative: to reinvest in the dead stock through a new way of designing, introducing new functions, new aesthetics and new markets to leftover goods in order to bring them back into circulation.

Click HERE to read more about the project.

Unprepared: lessons from the informal economy, Mumbai, India.

Jorge Mañes Rubio has been selected to participate in Unprepared, lessons from the informal economy, a new Droog Lab in Mumbai, India.

Though their reality is harsh, slums demonstrate people’s capacity to improvise, self-organize and create value regardless of circumstance and institutional wellbeing. As people self-coordinate around common goals, they show that improvisation, as a means of coping, can have structural implications that can be surprisingly sophisticated and robust.

Led by photographer Bas Princen and in partnership with Studio-X Mumbai, the Droog Lab will seek to engage with the informal economy to see what lessons might be learned for the future of design.

More info at


November 6th - 20th, 2011

Mumbai, India.

Follow the project in our blog and twitter! @Seethisway

A.B.C.D.E. an open discussion on design process

On Friday, November 18th 2011, Studio X Mumbai hosted A.B.C.D.E.— an open discussion on design process presenting studies from Droog Lab’s 11-day workshop in the informal settlement of Dharavi, Mumbai.

Starting with a diagram found with a Google search on Indian mathematics, the team engaged with producers in Dharavi, creating iterations of the diagram as a means to understand the equation and to develop a way of working with each other. Each iteration is a study that generates the next, blurring the boundary between study and object, tool and result, in an open-ended process that builds upon the capacities of the system.

Areas of discussion included adaptability as a generator of design, the role of the social bond within economic transactions, the role of the designer in creating a framework for an open-ended production process, the value of open-ended design process and results, the possibility to translate findings to other situations, and possible next steps in this investigation.

Click HERE to read more about the project.

Useless at Foster Care Milan Design Week 2012

Useless will be exhibited at Foster Care Milan Design Week 2012.

In a very much saturated design situation, Useless will challenge in a one night only installation the idea of design without a tangible reason to exist. What happens when an object's disappearance becomes something much more valuable than its own presence? Can the absence become the primary function of a product?

Wednesday, April 18 2012

Jorge Mañes Rubio – Useless

@ Nicola Zanardi

Ultreia at Spazio per le Arti Contemporanee del Broletto di Pavia

‘Ultreia the Nomad Factory’ will take part in the exhibition ‘Crossroads of Europe. Itinerari culturali e religiosi‘ organised in Pavia, Italy, by the European Comission and the Comune di Pavia. 

The exhibition will take place at an outstanding location, the Spazio per le Arti Contemporanee del Broletto di Pavia, built in 1197.

Crossroads of Europe. Itinerari culturali e religiosi

8-17 June 2012

Spazio per le Arti contemporanee del Broletto

Piazza Cavagneria, Pavia, Italy.

Panorama revealed at the new Ejaso headquarters in Madrid

Panorama is a lighting installation commissioned by Ejaso for their new headquarters in Madrid. The artwork was produced in Amsterdam and assembled in Madrid, revealed in June 2012. It features 91 pieces of maple wood hand-painted with acrylic and lighted with fluorescent tubes, and is inspired by antique panoramic war paintings.

Click HERE to read more about the project

Undesigned at DDW Eindhoven 2012

Undesigned is an ongoing series of objects that have been entirely created following no plan or scheme whatsoever. Without any kind of technical drawings or development, the products are a result of pure intuition, freedom and improvisation, following only a very first sketch drawn over the inspiration image.

Obsessed with the relation between design and geographic locations, Mañes collects images from particular places and attempts to transform them into three-dimensional objects. Geometrical studies made on paper jump straight away into the workshop table, where they are assembled piece by piece.

The project invites to reflect about the idea of using design as a force to translate and represent particular places, transforming them into tangible objects or mementos and defending its diversity against the redundancy from the current design scene.

The first two objects Powerpole and Gerrit will be exhibited for the very first time at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, 20-28 October 2012.

Building SX/Videolab

Torenallee 20, entrance SX

5617 BC Eindhoven

Click HERE to for more information about this event

Street Food Lighting awarded at Your Street Eindhoven design contest

We are happy to announce that our project Street Food Lighting has received the second prize in the Your Street Eindhoven design contest, winning a total of EUR 5000 in project funding. Organised by Design Indaba, Capital D and Premsela, Nederlands Instituut voor Design en Mode, the contest invited designers from all over the world to design a solution that will transform an aspect of the street-level experience of Eindhoven.

The jury describes Street Food Lighting as ‘a visually very attractive project. Brings people (young and old and of all income levels) together, and fits perfectly into the picture of Eindhoven, city of design, technology and light.’

We want to thank you all for your support, and invite you to discover the winning proposals at the Designhuis Eindhoven, during the next Dutch Design Week 2012. 

Click HERE for more information about this event

Click HERE to see the project

Normal Pool Level at 501 Contemporary Art Centre, Chongqing, China.

Normal Pool Level: “Height in meters above sea level at which a section of the river is to be maintained behind a dam.”

The Three Gorges Dam is China’s most ambitious construction since the Great Wall. In July 2012 the largest Hydroelectric project in the world was fully functional for the first time. Nevertheless, it supplies only 1.7% of the electrical demand in China. The project and its new 660 km long reservoir generated a huge environmental and human impact in the Yangtze valley, flooding 13 cities, 140 towns and 1,352 villages, submerging nearly 8,000 years of Chinese history. It has so far forced 4 million people to relocate.

In January 2013 designer Jorge Mañes Rubio decided to travel off-season along the Yangtze river to collect and transform a series of objects that depict the complex changes that have occurred in the area. The dislocation between both past and future, tradition vs. modernity, and memory vs. progress is key to a journey where the designer engages into an alternative narrative through which a more accurate experience of the area’s transformation is thoroughly revealed.

The exhibition comprises a collection of objects, images, and installations that become the narrators of the designer’s journey. By travelling off the beaten track and engaging with the locals Mañes manages to create an array of symbols and memorials that don’t seem to belong to Eastern nor Western culture, portraying the identity clash that the area has been going through in the past few years and the cost the region is paying for the country’s development.

Click HERE to see the project

Normal Pool Level at LASEDE del COAM, Madrid, Spain.

Normal Pool Level en LASEDE del COAM, del 9 al 24 de mayo de 2013. Lunes a viernes de 09:00 a 20:30hrs.

Inauguracion: jueves 9 de mayo 19h.


Calle Hortaleza 63 Madrid

Más información acerca de este evento AQUÍ

The Amazing History of the Republic of Nauru at Matadero, Madrid, Spain.

The Amazing History of the Republic of Nauru is being exhibited at La Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid, till September 15th.

Opening times:

Tuesday-Friday 16/22h

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 11/22h

La Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid

Paseo de la Chopera 14, Madrid

Street Food Lighting at Matadero, Madrid, Spain.

Street Food Lighting is being exhibited at La Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid, till September 15th.

Opening times:

Tuesday-Friday 16-22h

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 11-22h

La Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid

Paseo de la Chopera 14, Madrid

Street Food Lighting at the Dutch Design Week 2013

The award winning project Street Food Lighting will be exhibited at the Klokgebouw, the most exciting area in the Dutch Design Week.

Street Food Lighting

Klokgebouw, Hall 2

Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven

Opening Friday 18 October at 20.00h

19-27 October 11:00-18:00h

More info about the event HERE

And as an special event, Street Food Lighting will be exhibited every night at SmalleHaven Smalle Haven 8-14 Eindhoven.

See you there!

Jorge Mañes Rubio at Social Design For Wicked Problems

Jorge Mañes Rubio will be presenting together with Muzus their new social design project in Amsterdam West. Social Design for Wicked Problems is an initiative by Het Nieuw Instituut, No Art // Twynstra Gudde, social designer Tabo Goudswaard and Doen Foundation, a public investigation into the potential value of design in social matters.

3 December 2013 20h.

THE WAREHOUSE ZWIJGER Piet Hein Kade 181 B, 1019 HC, Amsterdam

please RSVP here

Jorge Mañes Rubio, TED 2014 Fellow

We are thrilled to announce Jorge Mañes Rubio’s 2014 Ted Fellowship. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. The prestigious TED Fellows program handpicks world-changing innovators from around the globe and brings them to the TED stage -- literally and figuratively -- to raise international awareness of their remarkable work. Jorge will be present at TED2014 in Vancouver and will be an active part of the TED community during next year.

Meet all the amazing Ted 2014 Fellows here

Jorge Mañes Rubio lecture at Ninety Minutes of Frame

Jorge Mañes Rubio was speaking at Ninety Minutes of Frame #2 All the Senses. FRAME magazine’s live lecture and debate series in Amsterdam. The evening’s theme, All the Senses, concerns the pressing need for designers to engage people with the physical world.

Jorge takes us through a 15 minutes journey looking back to his most recent experiences and projects all over the world. From 24h supermarkets and fried chicken restaurants to the Eiffel Tower and the Three Gorges Dam. Every single place can be inspiring if you look at it from a different perspective.

To see the lecture please click HERE

Street Food Lighting at Susan Gallery Chicago

Street Food Lighting will be exhibited at Roman Susan Gallery in Chicago this summer, with projections ranging from sunset to early morning. In Street Food lighting Jorge Mañes Rubio brings street food visions from countries like Morocco, Thailand, or Indonesia and projects them onto streets in more developed countries with less lively nightlife. “In this project I would like to use the city as a white canvas to show the habits of different cultures. To promote our streets as places for social learning and exchange, making them brighter, safer and more interesting at the same time, bringing art to neighborhoods and people who normally don’t interfere with it.”

From 25 June to 5 July 2014

Roman Susan

1224 W Loyola Ave

Chicago IL 60626

United States


Normal Pool Level at the Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art CFCCA Manchester

Normal Pool Level will be exhibited at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art CFCCA in Manchester. The exhibition narrates Rubio’s impressive journey along the Yangtze River looking for the remains of the cities flooded by the Three Gorges Dam, the biggest hydroelectric project in the world. By travelling off the beaten track and engaging with the locals the artist creates an array of symbols that don’t seem to belong to Eastern nor Western culture, portraying the identity clash that the area has been going through in the past few years and the cost the region is paying for the country’s development.

From 3 July to 7 September 2014



Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art CFCCA Manchester

Market Buildings, Thomas St,
Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1EU, UK

+44 (0) 161 832 7271


Jorge Mañes Rubio at TEDxMadrid 2014.



Jorge Mañes Rubio at Liquid Cities, Calgary, Canada.

Ultreia, The Eiffel Factory and Shanghai Express at:

Liquid Cities. An exhibition about future cities, contemporary identities, new technologies and body boundaries.

The Rivoli, 800 6th Ave SW, Calgary, AB, Canada.

29-31 October 2010.

Jorge Mañes Rubio at Pecha Kucha Night Valencia 2010.

Jorge Mañes Rubio at Pecha Kucha Night, Valencia Design Week 2010.

‘Chiringato’ Antiguo Cauce del Río Turia, Puente del Mar, Valencia.

28 September, 20:00h

Pecha Kucha Night, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), was conceived in 2003 as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.

But as we all know, give a mike to a designer and you’ll be trapped for hours. The key to Pecha Kucha Night is its patented system for avoiding this fate. Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.

Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor. This is a demand that seems to be global – as Pecha Kucha Night, without any pushing, has spread virally to over 100 cities across the world.

Jorge Mañes Rubio will be presenting his research work leading Seethisway.

Jorge Mañes Rubio, Ultreia, at Royal College of Art, London.

Royal College of Art. Show Two Kensington.

25 June - 4 July, 11AM-8PM

Free admission (Closed 2 July)

Royal College of Art.

Kensington Gore

London SW7 2EU

Mission: U-TOPIA at AIAV Japan.

Mission: U-TOPIA takes us through the life of Akitoshi Fujiyama, a Japanese engineer who discovered a lunar meteorite on a local golf course. This incident would become some sort of revelation for Akitoshi, who afterwards decides to dedicate the rest of his life to fulfil his ambition: going to the moon. This comprehensive exhibition celebrates the life of this unknown local hero. Several artefacts such as a section of the Lunar Module or the Cosmic Japanese Screen are displayed together with photographs and various memorabilia from Akitoshi and his secret mission. Visitors are even encouraged to purchase a piece of the famous moon rock UBE-064 in one of the vending machines available.

In his project for AIAV Jorge Mañes Rubio takes us on a journey where he reimagines Yamaguchi’s local landscape as the scenario of a complex fictional narrative. The project explores the notion of reality and its meaning towards issues of ownership and authenticity, both on personal and global scales. By collaborating together with large industrial corporations and local craftsmen, the artist creates a collection of compelling objects and installations inspired by historical references, futuristic materials and fascinating locations. Through the life of Akitoshi, Rubio invites us to an exciting world where the truth can be as relative and flexible as we please.

28 Feb – 8 Mar 2015. 10:00-17:00h and by appointment

Akiyoshidai International Art Village

50 Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine-city, Yamaguchi, 754-0511, JAPAN

+81 837 63 00 20

Buona Fortuna at Initial Gallery, Vancouver.


April 16 through May 9, 2015.

Opening reception: April 16, 6-9 pm.

Initial Gallery

2339 Granville Street

V6H 3G3 Vancouver, BC

Tues-Sat 12pm-6pm


Mission U-TOPIA

Mission U-TOPIA.

Music by Giovanni Damico.

More info about this project here.

Columbusplein at EXPERIMENTA ‘Design for a Better World’

Glad to have contributed together with Tabo Goudswaard to the last Experimenta Magazine HOLANDA, a monographic about the people who are creating design for a better world. In this issue you can read all about the Micronation of Columbusplein.

Mission U-TOPIA featured at ICON El Pais

Houston, we have a masterpiece.

Mission U-TOPIA has been featured in the last issue of ICON El Pais, reviewing its exhibition at AIAV and some of the stories that inspired Jorge Mañes Rubio to create a fictional Japanese Space Program in the remote mountains of Akiyoshidai.


Buona Fortuna at Pinacoteca Provinziale di Salerno, Italy.

BUONA FORTUNA at Pinacoteca Provinziale di Salerno.

18 December 2015 through 10 January 2016.

The exhibition takes place inside the Pinacoteca’s several gallery rooms, where large format colour photographs and new installations from the Buona Fortuna series are displayed together with the museum’s impressive permanent collection.

Pinacoteca Provinziale di Salerno.

Palazzo Pinto

Via Mercanti, 63

84121 Salerno, Italy.

Opening reception: 18 December 18h.

Free admission: Tuesday - Sunday from 9h to 19:45h


Streetlights at ArtDeli Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Jorge Mañes Rubio - STREETLIGHTS at ArtDeli Amsterdam

From January 13 Jorge Mañes Rubio will take over a dark alley in central Amsterdam. Through the large windows of Art Deli several virtual food stalls will be projected onto the graffiti covered brick wall of the Kalfsvelsteeg. The project will transform this neglected public space into an extension of Art Deli gallery spaces, programming different exhibitions and installations for over a year. This will be the first time ever that a street in Amsterdam is transformed into a public art space, open everyday and to everybody, bringing art closer to people who normally don’t interfere with it. 

Rubio is a Spanish artist and TED Fellow based in Amsterdam. His fascination for ‘hidden and forgotten spaces' inspired him to develop the project Streetlights for ArtDeli. “This installation reflects the creative, contemporary and multicultural spirit of Amsterdam, promoting our streets as places for social learning and exchange, making them brighter, safer and more vibrant at the same time."

OPENING: Wednesday 13 January 2016, 20h.

Art Deli, Rokin 93, 1012 KM, Amsterdam.

Free admission: Tuesday - Sunday from 10h to 01:00h


Design Museum Dharavi opens in Mumbai, India.

The Design Museum Dharavi is the brainchild of an Amsterdam-based curator-artist couple, Amanda Pinatih and Jorge Mañes Rubio. This mobile museum is the first museum of its kind, based in the homegrown neighbourhood of Dharavi, showcasing local talent through a nomadic exhibition space and employing design as a tool to promote social change and innovation on a global scale.

On 18 February 2016 the museum opened its doors to the public with a surprising exhibition that brought together locals and visitors from all over the city. Bright and colourful chai tea cups, water containers and brooms were displayed together with several workshops and events, depicting Dharavi’s identity from a design perspective.

The museum will continue running and programming different exhibitions and interventions that will aim to raise awareness about the creative potential inherent in Dharavi.

For more information please visit Design Museum Dharavi


Jorge Mañes Rubio, recipient of the 2015 S&R Foundation Washington Award.

S&R Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports talented individuals with high aspirations in the arts, sciences and social entrepreneurship, today announced the winners of the 2015 S&R Foundation Washington Award. The four recipients will be officially honored at the S&R Washington Awards Gala on Saturday, June 4 at Evermay in Washington, DC.

"Our goal and ambition for the S&R Washington Award is to identify and honor highly talented individuals who display outstanding ability and artistic excellence, and to support the next steps in their creative development. We especially support those who contribute to an international cultural dialogue that is a key component of S&R Foundation's core mission," said Dr. Sachiko Kuno, CEO and President of S&R Foundation. "The 2015 winners are wonderful artists who work in diverse fields and communities and they represent the increasingly global reach of the arts in our society today. S&R Foundation is thrilled to support these creative young visionaries."

The S&R Washington Awards Gala will take place at Evermay on Saturday, June 4. Please visit for additional information and to purchase tickets.


Jorge Mañes Rubio appointed Artist in Residence at the European Space Agency.

We are thrilled to announce that Jorge Mañes Rubio has been appointed Artist in Residence at the European Space Agency ESA. As a member of the Advanced Concepts Team ACT, he'll be working on a unique Art/Science project. The ACT is a highly multidisciplinary research group that facilitates disruptive changes in space technology by performing solid research on topics typically not considered by 'main stream' space science. 

Rubio's main interest during the next upcoming months working at ESA will be envisioning the many implications and responsibilities of a new era of colonisation and exploitation of celestial bodies. What are the motivations and needs of this new space civilisation going to be? What sort of rituals, aesthetics and cultural artefacts will be created by it? His work will gaze into futuristic and even fictional scenarios, but also will look back into the origins of our many different civilisations, rituals, and traditions from a historical, anthropological and even spiritual level. 

You can read more about this unique collaboration on ESA's website


Design Museum Dharavi named ‘Best New Museum of the Year - Asia Pacific’

We are proud to announce Design Museum Dharavi as the winner of the Leading Culture Destinations Awards 2016 in the category of ‘Best New Museum of the Year - Asia Pacific’. The winners of the Leading Culture Destinations Awards, “The Oscars for Museums”, were announced on 30 September at a vibrant ceremony at The Langham, London.

The Leading Culture Destinations Award winners were chosen by a jury of eleven established cultural gurus from around the world. The scheme, now in its third year, celebrates museums and cities for their dedication to cultural vitality with winners chosen based on the quality and reach of their contributions to the international cultural sphere.

Leading Culture Destinations is a platform created to explore, recognise and promote the world’s best destinations for cultural experiences. Set up by Florian Wupperfeld and Bakul Patki, together with a team of art and travel enthusiasts, it aims at sharing knowledge and recommendations from a global network of leading professionals from the arts, fashion, music and film. The company aims to support both emerging and existing arts institutions and travel destinations, highlighting the practices and solutions that raise the standards of the cultural sector worldwide. 


Design Museum Dharavi at the Beazley Designs of the Year Exhibition in London

The Beazley Designs of the Year is the Design Museum’s flagship exhibition and awards which celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enables access, extends design practice or captures the spirit of the year. We are proud to announce that Design Museum Dharavi has been nominated in the category of Product and that we are part of the Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition in London.

All shortlisted nominees have their work displayed or represented at the Design Museum during the Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition and are in contention for the prestigious Beazley Designs of the Year awards. Beazley Designs of the Year is the opening exhibition for the Design Museum at its new home in Kensington, west London. We hope to see you there!

24 NOVEMBER 2016 – 19 FEBRUARY 2017

The Design Museum, open 10:00 - 18:00 daily

224 - 238 Kensington High Street
W8 6AG


Design Museum Dharavi book is now available!

We’ve created a very special book that celebrates and documents our exhibitions, events and work so far! The publication includes a manual with the 'lessons learnt’, a catalogue showing our first collection of chai cups and a series of essays from contributors such as urbz, Nadine Botha, Steven van den Haak and Dewi Pinatih. The book is entirely handmade, designed and printed by The Future Publishing & Printing, comes in a limited edition of a hundred copies and we still have a few copies left! 

If you're interested in the book you can contact or visit our website for more information. 


Street Food Lighting at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. 

Jorge Mañes Rubio is in Seoul to participate in 'Activating the City: Urban Gastronomy', a new exhibition at the MMCA, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Rubio will be presenting his work 'Street Food Lighting' and kicking off the exhibition with an open discussion together with curator Bora Hong and chef Ara Ahn. 'Activating the City: Urban Gastronomy' includes the work of several artists, designers and activists such as Gordon Matta-Clark, Bonnie Ora Sherk and Jongbuhm Kim. The exhibition imagines design methodology as a device to form relationships among people in consideration of how we shall live, rather than producing new objects or work. 

'Activating the City: Urban Gastronomy' opens today and will be running till 19 March 2017. Opening discussion will take place on Wednesday 7 December at 18:30. For more info visit MMCA.