3-channel video projection on walls, dimensions variable.

On display throughout 2016 at ArtDeli Amsterdam.

Streetlights is an award winning art project by Jorge Mañes Rubio that reimagines our streets as venues for cultural exchange and visual explorations. Through the large windows of Art Deli a 3-channel video installation is projected onto the graffiti covered alley of the Kalfsvelsteeg in central Amsterdam. Visitors and passers-by of the city centre are suddenly immersed into the local vibes of far away night markets from China, Morocco and Italy.

Rubio’s fascination for ‘hidden and forgotten spaces’ inspired him to develop the project Streetlights for ArtDeli. This installation reflects the creative, contemporary and multicultural spirit of Amsterdam, promoting our streets as places for social learning and exchange, making them brighter, safer and more vibrant at the same time.

Abandoned facades, closed storefronts or pitch-black alleys usually look unwelcoming at night because of the inadequate lighting, resulting in a dark and unwelcoming environment. This project aims to make them come back to life at night, hosting striking and colorful video projections. Merging these visions with the existing graffiti results in a spectacular combination, lighting up the streets in a surprisingly and unexpected way.

"I’ve always been fascinated by how much life there’s in the streets of countries such as Morocco, China or Indonesia, just to name a few. Even at night, they are always bursting with life, and wherever there’s a small food stall, you can find people meeting, talking, eating and socializing together. These food stalls are open till late, and I believe their hundreds of small lights make the streets a better place. I want to bring that same feeling to the streets of Amsterdam. In this project I would like to use the city as canvas to show the habits of different cultures, and I can’t think of a better place than our own streets and public space to do so.”

Street Food Lighting was awarded 2nd Prize at Your Street International Design Contest, organised by Design Indaba, Capital D and Premsela, Nederlands Instituut voor Design en Mode.

Street Food Lighting images