Digital video projections on walls, dimensions variable.

Street food markets are common informal economies in some areas of China, Thailand, India, Indonesia or South America just to name a few. These places are extremely vibrant at the end of the day, with thousands of small restaurants and food stalls where you can savour fresh food on the spot. Meals are cooked in front of you and all of a sudden the streets become a meeting point for residents who want to enjoy some traditional food in an easy and informal way before going back home. They are open till late and keep these areas active and sparkling at night.

Street Food Lighting aims to illuminate some of the darkest corners in our cities with a whole new media experience: video projections of bright food stalls and night markets from all over the world. Abandoned facades, closed storefronts or pitch-black alleys usually look unwelcoming at night because of the inadequate lighting, resulting in a dark and unsafe environment. This project aims to make them come back to life at night, hosting food stalls video projections from exotic and far away places, lighting up the streets in a surprisingly and unexpected way through this experimental media experience.

‘I’ve always been fascinated by how much life there’s in the streets of what we called undeveloped countries such as Morocco, Thailand or Indonesia for example. I think it’s important to share this vision, because probably we have a lot to learn from them. Even at night, when we think the streets might be dangerous or hostile, they are bursting with life. And especially whenever there’s a small food stall that prepares some of the local food. People meet, talk, eat and socialise together till late around the lights of these little businesses. But somehow in Europe we tend to value the privacy of closed spaces more, which we percept as safer.’

‘In this project I would like to use the city as a white canvas to show the habits of different cultures. To promote our streets as places for social learning and exchange, making them brighter, safer and more interesting at the same time, bringing art and design to neighbourhoods and people who normally don’t interfere with it.’

Street Food Lighting images